Ignite Leadership Team

Ignite Branson’s Leadership Team is the driving force behind programming, marketing, and opportunities it provides to its members. 

Responsibilities of Ignite Branson Leadership Team: The Ignite Branson Leadership Team works with staff to secure speakers, topics and create marketing materials that support the mission and goals of Ignite Branson.  Leadership team members will be provided specific tasks at meetings to complete within the month.  In addition, Leadership Team members will be asked to help work registration, sell raffle tickets and help introduce new Ignite members at events.

Time commitment of Ignite Branson Leadership Team: As young professionals, we are all busy individuals working on our careers and maintaining a work, life balance while striving to get involved in the community.  As a member of the Ignite Branson Leadership Team, we ask that you be present for all leadership team meetings that are held on the Second Thursday of every month at 4:00pm – 5:00pm.  However, we understand that is not always possible with our schedules.  If a leadership team member does not attend three consecutive meetings and/or 50% of monthly meetings they will be asked to step down from the leadership team.  We also ask that leadership team members attend at least 50% of Ignite Branson events that take place throughout the year.

2017 Ignite Branson Leadership Team

Ignite Branson Chair
Heather Hardinger
Programs & Communications Director
Taney County Partnership
Ignite Branson Staff
Emily Sutliff
Events & Membership Services Manager
Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB